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Thread: ps3 hardrive upgrading problem?

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    jd200 Guest

    ps3 hardrive upgrading problem?

    hi, i have a problem with trying to restore to a new 500gig internal hard drive.

    i backed up all stuff from 120 gig internal with the backup and restore menu on ps3 .to and external hd the backup data is 60.5gigs i try to restore this on new 500gig hardrive it gets to about 88% and stays there and it dont move any further.

    is there another way to do it like clone it some how then put it on to the 500gig ? can't format it because it has about 60 psn games on it

    some program has deleted all my activation all 60 psn games need reactivating so some app has deleted it

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    No - no "application" has deleted it - it's new security measure from Sony which will always require user to re-authenticated all online / PSN content after transfering it to new hard drive as it's now bound to hard drive's serial number as well.

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    jd200 Guest


    no it was working on erignal harddrive 120 gig and i remember seeing the activation files useing ftp on this drive now somthing has removed these files and they not activated now so some app that ive instald has removed it
    ive got a backup data but stopes at 88%

    problem solved fixed it got all activation back used backup and restore glad i made a backup just need to get it all onto 500gig hd

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