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    PS3 Hardrive formatting questions help?

    need a answer to this question please guys, say if i have 2 consoles exactly the same say a 2002b 250 gig running 3.7 f/ware but only one hardrive, can i put the h/drive in the other console and use it without having to do a format on it..

    i have a problem with one console and need to see if it will help me solve it, i don't want to get into describing the fault as it is an old problem that a lot of users have asked many questions about, i just want to see if this will help me, any help would be grateful guys.

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    nope, sorry, your ps3 will prompt for a format regardless, theres ways round this on jb consoles. but not 3.55+

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    is there a possibility to read your ps3 hdd on your pc?

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    yes you can, you need a sata cable and ps3 hdd studio program. the pc will not see the ps3 hdd due to the layered encryption without this program. if you want to read the info on the drive you would need to decrypt it > or data trans to a 3.41/3.55 jb console and view edit item via ftp.

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    can you create a disc image with this program?

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    yup, you sure can buddy

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