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Thread: PS3 hard drive upgrade won't connect help?

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    BlackStallion Guest

    PS3 hard drive upgrade won't connect help?

    recently did a hard drive upgrade oh my best friends slim. he bought it with a 120. and had his "computer guy" put his extra 250 in.. hes since filled that and i upgraded him to a 750. well when i did that everything was fine, updated the FW, and now it doesn't want to connect to PSN. i've read online that this was a known issue for slims that happens sometimes. any ideas?

    i have 2 CECHK-01 PS3s... whenever i try to update via USB... (the only way i'm capable because the current wont even function) it gets about halfway and gives me the 8002f147 error.. i've been told this is a firmware prob. ive read that oh take out your harddrive and format it on a computer and all that well no luck there because the PC wont recognize the ps3s format.. ANYWAY... will an E3 help fix my issue? thanks in advance guys.. i'm so lost

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    you can see your PS3's hdd using disk manager, in windows 7 it is located under:

    control panel/change view to small icons/administrative tools/computer management/disk manager

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    BlackStallion Guest
    i've been told that before but it doesn't work... i can see it in the disk manager.. but i don't have any options with it.. i can't format it.. it only shows up.

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    niwakun Guest
    You have to initialize the drive to make the PS3's Formatted HDD usable on Windows PC. To initialize it, just use the Computer Management >> Disk Management

    Then on the bottom part of the window, you will see the drives and its corresponding partitions, you will notice that most of your HDD is labeled online, find the drive with "Not initialized", then right click that drive and choose Initialize

    Please take note that you will loose all your data on that HDD once you initialize it, theres no way turning back now when you done it.

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