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    Dinujan Guest

    Ps3 Hard Disk Corrupted?

    So I got a PS3 60GB. So when I get this message "PS3 Hard Disk Corrupted". I try to restore but its stuck at 0%.

    So I took the hard drive out of the PS3 while it was unplugged. And connected it to my Windows 7 PC. With a Sata connection. The drive appears as unallocated space so I format as NTFS. But it fails

    So I split the drive 15GB and 40GB and try to format the 15GB as FAT32 but that fails aswell.

    So I format one more time as ExFat and it works. My pc reads it and I can access it like a normal drive. Transfers are fast and all 5GB of songs I transfered to it play. But when I put in my PS3, and format it (takes more time then normal) and then it restarts and says I need to restore, I am just back to square one. Restoring Drive stays at 0%.

    Do I need a backup file on the drive? Or do I need a brand new drive? or is it my ps3?
    I have 2 Xbox's at home which have 2.5" hard drives a 20GB and a 120GB so should I try using one of those drives with my ps3?

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    JJesso Guest
    Yeah it sounds like hard drive has died try another one.. I really don't think you will be able to make back off it now as to back it up as far as I no you need use the option in the ps3. Also I don't think there is any program to read the ps3 hard drives as the file format is unknown.

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    Kraken Guest
    While formatted exfat, run a scan disk on the drive and be sure to check "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors". If the log shows irrecoverable bad sectors, you need to buy a new drive because the PS3 is ridiculously picky. You might be able to still use it in a PC since a PC is smart enough to be able to mark the bad sectors and avoid them. To my knowledge, the PS3 is not that well designed.

    If it was able to recover the bad sectors, or there aren't any, there are a variety of tricks to trick the PS3 into forcing a format (such as connecting it to another PS3 or unplugging/replugging the drive at the restore prompt) but you don't seem to have a problem getting to the format prompt.

    Your data is gone completely since you formatted the drive several times and copied new data to it.

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