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Thread: PS3 hard disk brick help?

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    dm5c Guest

    PS3 hard disk brick help?

    hi everyone,

    my ps3 froze during the game dante inferno. i turned it of and started again.but the hard disk got corruped. i restored the file system but it was struck in an endless loop. i took it to a local repair shop.he was reinstalling the firmware (3.55 kmeaw) but it stuck at 94%.

    he removed and reinserted the cord and again starts the process. then he copied games to my hard disk. ps3 again badly froze during copying and playing games. after that ps3 is not even switching on. and hard disk light is constantly lit. so is by getting hard disk replaced can solve or its a ps3 problem?

    its on 3.55 and on warranty. sorry for long post and thanks to all

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    Bigbones87 Guest
    If the unit doesn't turn on at all, then i don't think the hdd is your problem. If the unit turns on, but wont recognize the hdd or says hdd corrupt or something like that then it sounds like a bad harddrive to me. I have 2 bad hard drives and they did the same thing. One updated to 99% then wouldn't go any further, and the other wouldn't work at all.

    I am pretty sure that if you replace the hdd it will fix the problem, assuming the system still turns on somewhat. Another thing you could try is formatitng the hdd your have with your pc instead of the ps3 and then put it back in the ps3 and let it format it for its files and see if that helps. Good luck.

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    dm5c Guest
    ps3 turns on witht hdd but it soesnt show anything. also i have connected hdd to pc and it froze the disk management utility.

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    Studs Guest
    Sounds like a hdd hardware failure. Is it by any chance a Seagate Hdd?

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    dm5c Guest
    no its a toshiba hdd. if i will send the unit to sony it will be replaced but then it will be unhackable. also when i removed the harddisk or notice that components inside are not smoothly rotating. maybe something is struck there.

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    Bigbones87 Guest
    Just replace it with a new 2.5 sata hard drive

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