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Thread: PS3 Hacks help?

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    ak56u Guest

    PS3 Hacks help?

    Hi! I am new to this forum and a total noob as far as PS3 hacks are concerned, but i would like to change that.

    I have a 320 GB slim PS3 model on firmware 3.55. I got it hacked when I bought it, which was about 2 years ago, and kept playing the 10-15 games that the guy put in it. But, a month ago, my PS wouldn't boot to the homescreen, so I followed online instructions and re-installed the firmware by holding down power button and selecting the re-install option. Now my PS does not have multiman or the games which were earlier there.

    I want to hack it on my own this time, and want the 4.46 firmware/hack so that I can play GTA 5 too. Please help me out!

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    dyceast Guest
    If you are still on 3.55

    Then do these steps:

    1st install CFW Rebug 3.55.4
    Then install toggle_qa and then run it in the games section
    Then install CFW Rebug 4.46.1 lite I hear lite is more compatible
    Then you need a game manager Multiman 4.46.3 Base

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    dtrain48146 Guest
    I too am a total beginner at this but i do root android phones and jailbreak apple devices i have the older CECHL01 is a model of PS3. in this case, the CECHL01 PS3 is a an 80 GB playstation model that was released in October of 2008. model and i have been trying to find legit site to learn how to jailbreak my device and for 12 hours i searched and thankfully found this site.

    my current version is 4.46 ofw is there a way to jailbreak it with just a thumb drive that i have been reading about but have found no proof backing that up?

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    ak56u Guest
    Thanks a lot! I will post again if I face any problems.

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    ak56u Guest

    PS3 Hack help

    Hi, I have installed CFW 3.55.4 on my PS3. I cannot find toggle_qa in the games section. Help me out!

    I installed the rebug toolbox and opened it in games section. In the options, I enabled QA flag. Does that work?

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    abdumka Guest
    i think you can just install rogero 4.46 directly from 3.55

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    ak56u Guest
    Which one should I install?

    4.46 Rebug lite or Rogero 4.46?

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    alexmg64 Guest
    Yes that work... QA is supported in them all. It is good practice to enable QA for a smoother experience on any CFW not just Rebug.

    I got Rogero 4.46 not to happy with it.. thinking on installing Rebug instead.

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