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    Reaper178 Guest

    PS3 hacking questions help?

    Hello all. I recently obtained a PS3 from a friend. I wish to hack it. Problem is...

    I have no idea whatsoever on where to begin. I don't know what a DEX/CEX is. I don't know which CFW is the best nor telling which is which. There's so many fake vids out there claiming to do "this and that" for my PS3. I can't seem to find a proper newb friendly guide. I haven't modded a Sony product since my PSP's years ago and I barely even remember how to do that.

    What I seem to have figured out is that 3.55 is the best FW for CFW. Kinda like how 5.01 and 5.50 is for PSP, I think. I also ran that "MinverChk" (not sure if I spelled that right) to see my base firmware (1.90, it's a pretty old PS3). So now I think my next step is to downgrade my PS3 from 4.30 OFW to 3.55 OFW.

    Then from there, I need to find a guide for softmodding (if there is one hopefully, hardmodding sucks) to a CFW. And then find one for backing up my games on a HDD and playing them from there and then probably another for updating those games and putting in their DLC's. WOW! Lots of stuff I got ahead of me I think.

    Sooooooo yeah, if anyone can point me towards guides that fits all of these needs and whatever else you think will be handy, please help! Thanks for reading.

    Best wishes,


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    racer0018 Guest
    Well this is where it gets hard. For the ps3 if you are above 3.55 you have to downgrade. In order to do that have to get a flasher and do some soldering. Now next question, what is the model of the ps3. And we can go from there. Thanks

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    Reaper178 Guest
    I'm not so sure I want to crack open my PS3. Never personally touched or even seen a soldering iron in my life. I think I might just let it sit and collect dust til there's a way to do it without hardmodding.

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    Djmatrix32 Guest
    Maybe look into an E3 there is no soldering required, it's about $80 I think for a kid but you will need an external hard drive caddy.

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    hbkpk Guest
    I have 4.10 dex fw and when i try to downgrade at 3.55 with rogero cfw it gives me the error code 8002F95E. What should i do (sorry for my bad english)

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    G Sus Guest
    use the dex downgrade pup to get back to 3.55 dex then install the ofw3.55 dex fw then you need to follow the tutorial for easy dex to cex conversion. that will take you back to cex instead of dex.. only then could you install the rogero cfw.


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    racer0018 Guest
    If the ps3 Has a nor chip in it then the e3 will work and there would be no soldering unless you brick it. But if it is a NAND ps3 then the progskeet 1.1 would be the way to go with the clips. Still have not said what model it is. Thanks

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    TitanTX Guest
    Gentle reminder, please don't hijack anybody's thread, if you wish to please go ahead and create your own and ask all your questions there we will be more than happy to assist you.

    racer, buddy i think he's got an old phat PS3 CECHA01 not too sure, so he has a NAND chip inside, go with the progskeet.

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