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Thread: Is The Ps3 Hacked?

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    Nah, that video is from the same ICE lamer. Alek posts a lot of useless stuff sadly, like when he posted Dark_AleX was working on PS3 there.

    It's sad, because this constant BS slows down real PS3 Development and those lamers are constantly bugging legitimate PS3 Devs for files they don't even know how to use.

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    CJPC Guest
    There are only a few things funnier than a decent stand up act, and this is one of them.

    Apparently taking a game that natively installs to the HDD, and running it just as-is is news? Come on, how gullible does this fool think we, the PS3 Community, are?

    As we all know, the Warhawk BD-ROM installs 100% (assets etc) to the Hard Disk Drive, only needing the actual BD-ROM to load the Original SELF (which then stays in memory, until the game is exited).

    Now, this SELF that is in memory (allowing for disc removal), since the game is fully installed on the HDD, the SELF looks to the HDD for all of its asset files, so its quite simple to just remove the disc from the PS3, and still run the game.

    If you really wanted to be "cute", go online with the game, make it install a patch as well - then even the EBOOT will run from the HDD, same issue however, you still need the Original BD-ROM to boot it.

    To sum it all up, most PS3 games install the bulk (if not all) of their files to the HDD, to save on loading times! This wont help us get to our goal of running unsigned code, at all.

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    Thanks for the clarification CJPC. And yes, WE understand that already but unfortunately it will take time for the rest of the kiddies to catch on, after many useless videos showing numerous PS3 HDD-supported games running from the HDD. How many times will sceners allow ICE lamers to cry wolf before they finally wise up? This is about the 4th or 5th time Skater came out from under a rock turning nonsense into news.

    Even more humerous is what Mathieulh (Dark_AleX's "ReadMe" writer, who I have yet to see post anything intelligent nor accurate pertaining to PS3 Development) stated about the resident PS3 Devs:
    Now they are using leaked information from SDK’s and other copyrighted documentations and software to make it look like they know something about ps3 hacking and brag all the time about how well they can "hack" their ps3 TEST unit in order to get more visits
    Talk about irony, eh? Not only is he kidding himself (and many clueless sheep) when all PS3 Devs can clearly comprehend the progress being made here, but he is now promoting what he claims to be against... useless propeganda to get more visits.

    What people should really be going crazy over is NDT's recent updates, as that is legitimate PS3 Dev progress... not launching PS3-supported Java/HDD games. It seems many just don't grasp this, and the only reason I can fathom is the majority of the PS3 scene is comprised of young, cluesss kids who are bored and willing to latch onto each ICE, Slump, etc.

    Anyway, it looks like we'll be spending the next few weeks rehashing this HDD nonsense now instead of posting any legitimate PS3 Dev progress... at least until the kiddies realize it's useless and get bored of it.

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    TonyHart Guest
    Don't worry, the kids will be back at school soon (in the UK anyway)

    by the way what is an ICE or slump?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyHart View Post
    Don't worry, the kids will be back at school soon (in the UK anyway)

    by the way what is an ICE or slump?
    We can only hope, because attention should be directed towards NDT's current REAL PS3 Dev progress, not this BS.

    ICE is Skater's disbanded "group" name, the same one he used to release numerous other videos (ie HERE) of useless things (ie HERE), hex-editing PAIN files and calling it an exploit, and releasing their non-functional "ELF2SELF" app. Slump is another ICE-style group, who pretended to release an ISO Loader that ended up being a hoax earlier this year.

    We've been trying to get through to lamers in the Infraction Forum here about this, but no luck thus far... below are a few excerpts of mine from it:
    It has nothing to do with anything being fake, did you not read what CJPC and myself wrote? How can something be real or fake if it's a natural Sony feature?

    The clueless quax kiddies (the ones who STEAL all of our PS3 Dev files and post them without permission nor credit) are hyping it up for traffic like it's some PS3 hack/exploit, just like they did with the BD-J stuff and it's simply NOT at all. PS3 HDD-supported games will run from the HDD, so where is the news/hack/exploit in that? LOL! There is none, so Skater should have just made a video showing the PS3 play Blu-ray discs instead... it's the same thing, of course they will run!

    That being said, out of respect to the REAL PS3 Devs we do not wish for anyone to spam their POS site here, which is what you did to receive the Infraction.
    Then the user rambled on how Skater was making more videos (stalling... why bother?) with MotorStorm awhile... my reply:
    That doesn't prove anything- video or not, because these games were coded to run from the HDD by Sony so of course they will.

    I don't see why the [k]idiots aren't comprehending this, but oh well it's best to let ICE mislead everyone and eventually people will realize for the 6th time he is not a PS3 Dev, he knows 0 about hacking PS3, and this will lead absolutely nowhere just like his "ELF2SELF" app and countless other ICE hype videos.
    So ya, just a waiting game now... they'll draw it out as long as they can for traffic, then when everyone realizes this won't at all help hack the PS3 Skater will crawl back under his rock for another 3 months until he gets the balls to bug CJPC again on IRC for more info/files.

    Update: A second (useless) video is available here, but be sure to dodge the spam from it the best you can from the uploader... apparently the "hoax" site isn't the only one desperate to milk traffic out of nothing:

    Also humerous is how Pirate is crying because Divi-neoConsole credited ICE's UltraBull (now named M4GN3T)'s Dutch site instead of quax for the news here as his alias woox: http://forums.max In case anyone didn't already know, Pirate appears to have MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) as he posts under Pirate, Saduger, TestMV1, and XeroFlo pretending to be different people for each on quax.

    To quote another (related) reply of mine in the Infraction section also:
    That is what I said 3 times now, there is no need to make another video because we all know it will work. This is common sense, and requires no additional video "proof" because Sony coded the game files to install and run from the PS3 HDD. It is not a hack, not an exploit, not anything of use.

    So this whole thing is sensationalizing something that is known and working already, in attempt to attract attention/traffic. In short, this detracts attention from the legitimate PS3 Developments and as a result further delays more "real" PS3 hacking progress.

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    omerbaba Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News
    Nah, that video is from the same ICE lamer StreetSkaterFU. Alek posts a lot of useless stuff sadly, like when he posted Dark_AleX was working on PS3 there.
    Agree with u mate , StreetSkaterFU is a faker , he is german and in german ps3 forums they all say bad things about him . By the way , this video looks fake to me.

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    Nice to see someone with brains besides those on IRC agree that this is of no use. As I mentioned a few times, whether the video is real or fake is irrelevant (video is just typical ICE hype for hits), because we all already know that you can run games which Sony included "HDD Install" support to from the HDD... it's a no-brainer/common sense.

    But of course ICE/quax don't care, they never have with any of their past garbage and never will, because they have uneducated people's (mostly clueless kids) attention and traffic, which is all they wanted from this.

    Skater seems to think he discovered something magical (which demonstrates his own ignorance in PS3 Development) that will lead to all kinds of things, when in reality it's what we've all been doing since the PS3 came out... Yippee-ki-ya, running PS3 HDD games installed to the HDD from the HDD - imagine that!

    I am glad to hear some German boards see though this charade, hopefully this is the first step in stopping the nonsense and moving back to focus on real PS3 hacking, you know, working towards running unsigned code on retail PS3 consoles... not Linux, BD-J, or HDD-Suported games from the HDD which are all not hacking, exploits, nor anything of value since Sony allows them all.

    Although if history repeats itself, we still have to go through a waiting period (likely with a countdown timer or donation drive, although the quax Admin publically stated he just cashed in $8,000 for his laptop which should be more than ample to pay for server bills on their ServerBeach/HostDime elcheapo) for some BS "release" that will end up being something lame like how to hex-edit an XML file, or nothing at all.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Still, i like the idea... But i don't know what is more expensive: Buying an original game, or buy a Big (real big) HDD for the games.

    Of course if this makes it possible to play PS2 games as well, go on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by B4rtj4h View Post
    Of course if this makes it possible to play PS2 games as well, go on!
    It doesn't, just games that Sony already allows you to install to the PS3 HDD.

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