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Thread: Is The Ps3 Hacked?

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    Preceptor Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by B4rtj4h View Post
    Still, i like the idea... But i don't know what is more expensive: Buying an original game, or buy a Big (real big) HDD for the games.

    Of course if this makes it possible to play PS2 games as well, go on!
    Lol, that's how you notice when someone didn't read the previous posts...

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    magiskmolekyl Guest
    Yeah really!

    But i don't think the ps3 could be hacked, or could it? in that case, what can they do with it? ^^

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    Zeborg Guest
    is the same history, be patient, ps2 was the same critic with the DVD drive and the dificult of software development, and look now... is still living and developers making games for her

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    Gonzofe Guest

    Ps3 Hacked

    I think is not can see at the videos... someone cut the videos.. it's really dificult to hack the ps3.

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    bmwdude4 Guest
    Well i wish it was completly hacked like the psp, but i mean we have SAK and programs u can use on linux.

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    widal Guest
    it's seems not working to me

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    ph0to Guest
    I'm a newb, so take this with a grain of salt . . . but I think the PS3 will be hacked. Everyone thought the 360 wouldn't be hacked and it turned out it was a simple fluke. The PSP has been pwned righteously, and I think the PS3 will be hacked too. Just my 2cents worth.

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    Big Grin

    I think this thread has outlived it's worth, at least for now. It started out 3 weeks ago about how someone thought an alleged "hack" from one long-time scene lamer (StreetSkaterFU) would unlock the PS3... and as always, it amounted to more useless ICE/quax attention-seeking rubbish. This is about the 5th or 6th time it's happened, so definitely nothing new.

    That being said, YES, I agree the PS3 will be hacked... just not by those tools.

    I do know some PHENOMENAL progress has been made behind-the-scene over the last month, but until the resident PS3 Devs are ready to spill the details all we can do is wait. I asked CJPC to post a progress update tonight, but he was too busy and tired, so hopefully he will post one soon to fill everyone in.

    UnStuck, at least until StreetSkaterFU's next uberlame attempt for attention.

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