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    OverX Guest

    PS3 GUI Project help?

    Hello Guy!!!

    I work with programming and want to create a program Gui for recovery Nand PS3, My idea and make a program capable of pack an unpack NAND/NOR.

    Also make transplantation data for nand/Nor Donor.

    I need help from people with knowledge in codes of the process, at least explain to me how pack, unpack nand / nor.

    Sorry my english

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    Portalcake Guest
    What exactly do you mean? A recovery menu like the one on a PSP, or something along the lines of Flow Rebuilder?

    A PSP-style recovery menu won't save you from a bad NAND/NOR flash chip. We also already have a recovery menu where you can flash PUPs from a USB (in case you mess up your system), so there's no real need to have one in the first place.

    (and on a side note, if you need a program that unpacks NOR dd dumps, take a look at euss' ps3tools)

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