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    Exclamation [Answered] Ps3 Green Light and Red Light problem

    Does anyone know where is the problem? I have a ps3 and when i hold power to reset it it will reset but will not start, no video and audio. When it start's it will work for an hour and it shutdown's itself. I checked harddisk on computer off bad sectors and it did not found anything
    Best Answer - Posted by CHRISRYAN:

    i had that problem to about 6 months ago my console was out of warrenty so i took it apart and cleaned all the thermal compound off the heatsinks and replaced with some artic silver compound and it has worked ever since.

    but phone sony first if it is still in warranty they should replace it within a week.

    good luck

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    i think you should use your guarantee. could be a hardware error, that some chips gettting to hot.

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    when you reset it your ps3 boot default. maybe you connect it to monitor or your tv can not found signal audio and video . i think you must test it with one standard tv .
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    i had the same problem, it was over heating so i moved it and it hasnt happened since

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    ps3 problem

    I got a ps3 cosole... the light came green, blue, yellow, red flashing continously.

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    What firmware ?

    if it's 2.50, try the restore menu. if this method has no effect, use your guarantee

    maybe bricked console.

    good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziran View Post
    I got a ps3 cosole... the light came green, blue, yellow, red flashing continously.
    I just got that too, it's a major hardware failure. Have to send it back to Sony to be repaired/replaced. Mine happened after 13 months, so no warranty.

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    i had something like that happen to me but there is no yellow light , the blue light comes on when i put in a disc just no sound or video , holding the on button makes it beep 3 times but still nothing any suggestions

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    Your ps3 is probably over heating. Is the ps3 setup vertical or horizontal from what i have gathered over the last two years is place the ps3 horizontal for better air flow keep it out in the open and not in a inclosed space or buy a air cooler i have four ps3's and that's what i do good luck.

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    I have the same problem, does anyone have a solution?

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