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    well its usually horizontal but there is plenty of space around it, i have left it off for some weeks but still nothing i turn it on and the tv just flicks and thats it. If i put a disc in i can hear it spinning up its really strange.

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    i had that problem to about 6 months ago my console was out of warrenty so i took it apart and cleaned all the thermal compound off the heatsinks and replaced with some artic silver compound and it has worked ever since.

    but phone sony first if it is still in warranty they should replace it within a week.

    good luck

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    Lightbulb fan test

    Turn off the ps3 at the back then hold the eject button and turn power back on from the back while still holding the eject button.

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    what version of ps3 do you guys have with the red, yellow light?

    20, 40, 60, 80 gig version?

    it seems to be happening in the 60 gig alot...

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    I had a problem with my ps3 not reading disc it was 4 months out of warranty. I phoned sony and they repaired it free of charge. Give them a ring on 08705998877 its worth a try. Worked for me.

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