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Thread: PS3 green light, no A/V and Blu-ray problem help?

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    dekaspace Guest

    PS3 green light, no A/V and Blu-ray problem help?

    60 gig ps3 from Ebay, green light but no audio or video, also blu ray problem.

    2 issues, the main one is it boots up fine but nothing appears on tv or no sound, tried resetting console by holding button but still nothing.

    Second issue is that it didnt come with a blu ray drive so put one a friend gave me from his ylod 60 gig ps3.

    When the blu ray drive is attached and you press power button theres a constant blue light and you cant reset console however you can press the eject button and the blue light then flashes for a few seconds.

    I tried changing logic board for one that came with motherboard and its still the same.

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    Natepig Guest
    Have you tried the composite cable and the hdmi? It sounds as though your new aquisition is in a mess, how much did you pay, if you don't mind me asking?

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    dekaspace Guest
    30, it was sold as with the no video fault and no blu ray so I guessed that it may have been beyond repair it was just on a whim.

    EDIT : Just felt psu and it was VERY hot, left it on for about 20 minutes just on the chance it may work, it was silent so I wonder if fan is ok.

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    racer0018 Guest
    Well you could try the fan test on it by turning the ps3 off in the back. Then hold the eject button on the front and turn the switch on in the back. If it works the ps3 will turn on and it will spin the fan inside real fast. No sure it will work a Blu-ray that is not married to the ps3 but you can try.

    For the next question is that with the ps3 only turning on the green light. I have a ps3 that did the same thing and that was because it was a soft brick and had to have a progskeet to fix it.

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