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    alexandros050 Guest

    PS3 Graphics problem help?

    Hello guys, my PS3 has a problem with its graphics. I dont' know if you will understand what i mean but lets try.

    First of all when i play games such as red dead redemption i need to go near the grass in order to load properly or near a mountain etc.

    In the past there wasn't such a problem so that's why i'm asking if anyone knows. i did a format but nothing

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    snoekie Guest
    It sounds like a slow medium, and that your drive cannot keep up with the streaming demands.

    Is it a rip or are you playing from blu-ray? Is it an external or internal rip? Have you tried deleting the cached game data? If you are using an external drive, try using a different drive? Have you added a hub between the drive?

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    alexandros050 Guest
    I am playing from an external drive, and i tried from internal but the same is keep happening. and whats a hub.? i didn't put anything else.

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    severusx Guest
    Sounds like either you have a slow drive or a bad rip. Did you split the files or anything when ripping? What backup manager and firmware are you using?

    I would rip the game to the internal, delete the Game Data, and relaunch the game. See if that helps.

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