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Thread: PS3 graphics problem, can't enter safe mode help?

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    Toker420 Guest

    PS3 graphics problem, can't enter safe mode help?

    Hi, I have a ps3 FAT cechk03. The console will only play for about half hour (sometimes a couple of hours, sometimes 5 mins). After how ever long the screen freezes and is covered in lines normally different colours and flashing.

    Also i am unable to enter safe mode on this console, can do it on my other console but not this one. I just get a blank screen, then when i restart i normally get the screen crash straight away. Once its crashed and i restart the console i get no picture at all, if i leave it off for an hour or two it will start up fine.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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    racer0018 Guest
    It sounds like the ps3 will get hot and when it does one of the solder balls under the gpu will get a crack and then you will loose picture. I would say that it needs to be reflowed or reballed. Also you could try to put new thermal paste on the heat sinks and see if that helps. thanks

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