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Thread: PS3 GLOD - can it be fixed ?

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    Bigby Guest

    PS3 GLOD - can it be fixed ?

    My PS3 recently developed the YLOD, so I did the reflow method, following Gilsky's YLOD repair guide. It worked for a few minutes, as the XMB came up. But when I tried to play a game in the blue ray drive, the PS3 went to standby suddenly.

    Now, everytime I turn on the console, the green light comes on, but I get no video or audio. The controllers do not sync either. From reading, I have realised that I now have the GLOD.

    I have tried the video reset method, by holding the power button down until it beeps, but that just goes back to standby. I have tried to get to the recovery menu, goes back to standby also.

    Is there anything else I can try ?

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    nino7050 Guest
    Sorry my friend , you only hope it get them to a specialist for reballing.

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    brendanj9554 Guest
    do a reflow, use liquid flux, but dont spread the paste with your fingers!!! gpu has a few dodgy solder balls, should be fine tho.

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    Bigby Guest
    I originally did the reflow with liquid flux. Then I reflowed just the GPU a second time. The PS3 still does not display.

    The heat gun I used has two heat settings - 300 and 600 degrees C (I used 300). I heated the GPU for 20 seconds each time - Is this long enough or should I heat for longer ?

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    macsamilian Guest
    if the green light comes on the ylod is gone so sounds like you need to use lv2diag with official 355 pup (read around the forums it sounds like black screen brick) and you know what pups to bring you back to cfw this happened to me appeared to corrupt the internal HDD

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    Vorlone Guest

    i have the same problem on 3 PS3 60 GB Models. If i will reset the PS3's , it's doesn't work. When I hold the Power button the System will not give the 3 Signals who calls that the reset is done. (on an PS3 with soft Brick the Reset is WORKING, on an PS3 with Harware problem its dosn't WORK)

    I Reflow the GPU and the CPU with liquid Flux and a temp. of MAX 230 C on the Die or the Headspread and the Mainboard at 110-120 C, but the problem was not fixed. The same problem as before, Green LED and no Sound or Video.

    At the last I start the PS3s and let it on for more then a 60 min. (to haet up the Mainboard and the Chips) reset it more times and than... on 2 PS3 i have a Video signal and sound!!!

    The problem solving is a Reball the GPU. Only a Reflow dosen't work or it work for a short time.

    The Green lod with this symptoms is the same like YLOD. Its an contact problem from the plumb under the GPU.

    Hope I can help.

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    mushy409 Guest
    Reflowing the RSX & Cell processor is not enough for the 60Gb model (COK-002)

    Firstly, you need to remove the heatspreader from the RSX (check youtube) otherwise you will damage it. The southbridge chipset near the HDMI/AV ports needs to be reballed/reflowed as this is the main controller for the video/SATA/NAND etc.

    Vorlone - no wonder you can't repair them... Your reflow profile is completely wrong. Bottom heater should be doing 70% of the work, top heater does the other 30%. You should be heating the underside to ~180*c and then use the top heater to raise the temp of the die to ~220-225*c or until the point of liquidus

    Please don't say you use a heatgun...

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    Vorlone Guest
    Hy mushy409, thanks for the information.

    I use an old, very old Preheater with hot Air,but I have no Bottom heater. So I use a half of an old Sandwich toaster.

    Its time to get a Prof. Station.

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    Bigby Guest
    Thanks for the helpful reply mushy409. After doing the reflow method 3 times, the PS3 is back to the YLOD now. I haven't touched it for a week now, I had given up on it.

    I do only have a heatgun to do the reflow though, so should I attempt to reflow the south bridge chip? So I should take the heatspreader off the RSX chip, then reflow that again, I presume ?

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    v8s10 Guest
    GLOD (no video, audio, can't synch controller) is often a bad RSX...

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