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    IHM Guest

    PS3 Games with stuck hidden and read only attrib?

    Hi all, i have 2 ps3 games that have alot of files that have the hidden and read only attribs set on them, but when i try to change them nothing happens?, i also cannot back them up onto another drive from my pc because it says steams will be lost?

    Anybody have an idea what's going on?

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    djchildren Guest
    where you get those games? from your own backups or downloaded from internet?

  3. #3
    IHM Guest
    dl, i have no issues with my own backups, which is why i am interested in how they got like that?

  4. #4
    RandomAlias Guest
    what games are you talking about? it sounds like you DLed some bogus files

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    IHM Guest
    Well they look complete with all normal files, but just loads are locked as RO and H, weird, i'll just delete them.

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