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    [UnAnswered] PS3 games not working from internal hdd on kmeaw cfw?

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    i have ps3 knew 3.55 and multiman 1.15.5,every think was great untill i've installed (irismanager).. before the multiman can see all the games i have on the internal and external hhd, but after i've got irismanager , multiman see only games on external, i have ftp from pc to my ps3 and see the games folder gone to dev-hdd0/games_bak..!

    with filezella i transfer them back to den------lua/GAMEZ, now the problem multiman can see all the games on the internal and the external, but the game on the internal hdd after chose the game gone back to main screen and when i start the game after ps3 logo screen black , and nothing happend... i've try all 10 games i have... before that all games has workd fine.

    sorry for the long story, need help please ... .?

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    I think people who use Irismanager have reported in some threads that i read that say that multiMan stops working when you have both of them installed, some kind of conflict either uninstall Irismanager and leave multiMAN running or uninstall multiMAN and leave Irismanager running. Also update to the latest multiMAN that might help.

    you can get the latest multiMAN from here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...tml#post487609

    hope this helps you and make sure that you also install BDEMU.pkg so that multiMAN works correctly let us know how you make out

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    thanks for your reply , i'll try it and let you know...


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    Sorry if this is off-topic. But your name is to similar to mine.

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    hallo, this is my real name, what about you ... ?

    i've try it and it's still no luck with games on the internal hdd,even multiman when it's start no music. i've uninstall both managers and install the last version of multiman with the bd.pkg, and it's run game only from the external hdd, maybe more idees... ?

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