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Thread: PS3 Games not starting help?

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    royh91 Guest

    PS3 Games not starting help?

    To start I want to thank this forum for helping me out with great guides etc already, almost gave up the hope.

    I got a jailbreaked PS3 with PS3KEY (FW 3.41), and I got 1 game working and running. That is red dead redemption. All other games are just not loading or freezing when I start it up. I am fairly new to all this and I have no clue what to do atm. I would really appriciate any help!

    Thank you in advance!


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    EiKii Guest
    what manager are you running? and internal or external HDD?using direct boot mode isnt working very well same goes if you arent using any original BD disc,

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    royh91 Guest
    Well I am using multiman, gaia and backup manager 2. I got them on both internal and external and both are not working. So I need to buy it, what sence does it make to download a game than?

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    EiKii Guest
    well not buy them, i mean "any" original game disc in drive, as alot of games won't work without "any" original game disc, as i guess it emulates the boot etc

    so do you try to run them without "any" disc in drive?

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    royh91 Guest
    well i just got my ps3 like a week now, is a ps2 game also possible or only ps3 games?

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    EiKii Guest
    at least for now it isn't possible with ps2 games, unless you have the old model but doubt it.

    any ps3 game disc, tho some games do work without disc in drive but most doesen't.

    Good Luck

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    royh91 Guest
    I have bought a ps3 game and it still doesn't work, please help.

    It is still not working..

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    zRaZe Guest
    Have you upgrade you pskey to l8test payloader? And are you sure the games you have getting are the real deal with no errors?

    And l8tes games need to chance eboot or mod the .sfo file to 3.41 but newest gaia fix that for you.

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