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    KareemOWheat Guest

    PS3 Games not starting because of Trophies help?

    After a couple of hours of arduous effort I got my PS3 loaded with CFW! I've loaded several backups with complete success (MGS HD repack, Shadow of the Collossus HD) but some of the backups I'm trying to play (SSX, Armored Core V, ect) are giving errors on start saying that the registration of my trophy information could not be completed and the game must close (the errors vary from game to game, but its always about trophy registration).

    I've applied patched files (correctly I believe) to all of these games, but to no avail. Any ideas what may be causing this?

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    KareemOWheat Guest
    So it turns out completely uninstalling multiman, and updating to the latest version fixed the problem.

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