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Thread: PS3 Games Needing Updates to Play help?

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    graham23s Guest

    PS3 Games Needing Updates to Play help?

    Hi Guys,

    I have been out the PS3 loop for a month or so lately, we have firmware 3.41 with the psjailbreak, i have noticed a lot more games are asking us to upgrade firmware to play, last i hear you couldn't do 3.55 because you couldn't downgrade, does this still apply i take it we definately need to upgrade the ps3 firmware am i right?

    cheers guys


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    theone1982 Guest
    new games coming out now have been found to require 3.56 + firmware to be able to play thease... your best bet is to get a custom 3.55 of your choice installed and use the latest multiman with bdemu addon as multiman is always updating its capabilities... And supports spoofing firmware versions.

    Jailbrakes are not really needed now... as your custom 3.55 is the way to go for now until a 3.56/60 firmware is made available.

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