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    Sep 2008

    Lightbulb ps3 games that need to be considered

    romance of the three kingdoms and manhunt are two i would like to see...

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    star wars force unleshed.. i played the demo, it's really good

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    I love my ps3 but really I would like to see some valve support. Update the orange box all of it, fix bugs and update TF2. I would also like to see left 4 dead their upcoming title which is a pc and xbox360 exclusive.

    Other than that, Im really really confortable with the ps3. But I love valve games I really do and they dont show us the love heheh :P

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    diablo 3

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    May 2006
    Parasite eve would be fun

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    Sep 2008
    well, the top 3 obviously should be considered

    3-Uncharted: drake's fortune

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    dynasty warriors 6 empires

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    A total remake of Super Offroad from the arcade/NES would be awesome! That is what i've dreamed about for long and no-one makes anything similiar.

    Full track should be seen on screen at once with small cars which rolls over, catches fire, makes crazy jumps and get lots of damage. Super Offroad 2008!!

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    force unleashed is a good game that i enjoy..

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    Feb 2008

    Thumbs Up More adventure games

    Since the time of ATARI, Commodore and early PCs I am big fan of Adventure games. I recall the best adventure game series ever ... The Monkey Island . I would like to see some more games of this kind... more quality puzzels, ideas, good story than action, fights and scary creatures. I enjoyed also Drake's fortune adventure recently... it was /for me/ the first right step to this genre on PS3. but the game had still too straight-lined story.

    So we will see... what the future brings ...

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