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Thread: PS3 games from internal hdd to external hdd help?

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    syuz008 Guest

    PS3 games from internal hdd to external hdd help?

    I'm not able to copy games from internal hdd to my 1tb wd external hdd. I'm able to copy games to a pen drive but not to my hdd. I tried multiman and giai manager. Please help.

    Thank you

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    Liongooder Guest
    You need to format your NTFS 1TB WD external to FAT32,you can either use Swiss knife or EASEUS Partition Master 6.1.1 Professional Edition
    thats why you can copy to pen drive because its format is FAT32.

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    syuz008 Guest
    Its fat32. I have some games on it and i can play them from external usb itself. I copied the games on my hdd from a pc. I'm also able to copy games from external hdd to internal hdd. But not from internal to external.

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    Liongooder Guest
    Which type is your WD, Elements or My passport & your PS3 is it Phat or Slim, CFW too.

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    syuz008 Guest
    Wd elements, cfw 3.55 kmeaw, ps3 slim 320gb model

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    Liongooder Guest
    There is two types of Elements the good one & the bad one, product of Malaysia USB 3 is good, Thailand is bad for USB 3, but specifically, what does it display when you copy a game from internal to external, via multiman or gaia.

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    syuz008 Guest
    It says Error 2 and stops copying. It stops when copying split files

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    Liongooder Guest
    Is this only for one game or all the games on internal, because this error happened when i was copying The Darkness 2 from external to internal, try to copy it with a different backup manager, since you're on 3.55 kmeaw try copying using Gaia, Multiman, Rogero or Iris manager.

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    syuz008 Guest
    It happened with vanquish, bioshock 2, and dante's inferno. I'l try rogero and the iris manager

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