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    PS3 games freeze when I pause them help?

    PS3 games freeze when i pause the games for 5 min or if i let a cinamatic run in the middle of a level like in batman origins. It's really annoying to play a game. It happens with all my games. Does someone have a solution for me? I run rogero 4.50 for now

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    Jan 2012
    That means that your hard drive went to hibernation mode especially if its a seagate.

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    And how do i wake him the f up out of his hybernation!!?? Solution?

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    I have never heard of this sort of problem before...

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    If its a USB external then there may be a fix from seagate to address the sleep issue.

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    Yeah it's a external hd and i'll take a look. So if i tranfer all the games to another ex hd than the problem should be fixed to?

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    Sometimes finding older style external USB or ones without this sleep mode work well.

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