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Thread: PS3 Games Filesize + Product Codes

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    therock003 Guest

    PS3 Games Filesize + Product Codes

    Hello, i'm looking information for the following two things.

    A) A list that displays the filesize of the blu-ray discs of ps3 games. I only need to be aware how full the discs are.

    B) A list that displays the product codes ie BCUS_xxxxx for games in every region. Sony index used to do that, but it seems that they encounter dataase problems, plus i dont think they had a variety of games listed for the ps3.

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    rickylyh Guest
    A. just get one Lite-ON 401 BD-ROM, you can get all file size/disc size on PC/MAC/Linux

    B. At this time, "still not check" what game name ,but disc ID it already check (after fw2.5 game title)

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    Some PS3 disc filesizes are also listed here for reference:

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    therock003 Guest
    Getting a blu-ray drive is expensive, and it is only limited to seeing the size of games you already own. I would like of a location where it gathers and lists multiple games.

    The forum link is a start but there are many titles missing. Especially i'm interested in learning the size of MGS4 PAL BLES_00246 which is a double layer blu-ray disc and i've heard it utilizes most of the disc spaces.

    Thanks though!

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