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Thread: PS3 game update very slow help?

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    kalinx Guest

    PS3 game update very slow help?


    I'm on 4.30 rogero v.2.05. And when a run a game (Far Cry 3) the ps3 prupose to update the game to version 1.03 i press ok. But it says for 36mb will take 2000 min -_- i waited 5 min and stopped. i have a good internet connection. On my pc i download games at 5MB/S. What can i do? the ps3 is on wireless, i already tried on wired, but nothing change. HELP !!


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    Liongooder Guest
    Use Awesome Update Finder 0.3 on your PC, all you have to do is to put the game region code BLUSXXXXX or BLESXXXXX,for any game then download the update, put it on the root of your USB, HDD whatever, then install the update package, i always do this because no matter how fast your internet connection is, it takes longer time downloading through XMB.

    here is the link:

    Happy to help buddy, PEACE.

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    kalinx Guest
    Oh thx ... But i tested and its a bit faster, now the speed is 2kb\s xD maybe its Sony fault.

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    KomaKelle Guest
    Sometimes also helps simply change IP address

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