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    squadx Guest

    PS3 game update firmware question help?

    I know there are no hack for 3.6+, does that mean that games (such as NCAA) that claim FW 3.6 is required will not work?

    Or are there still 3.5 eboot bins for a game like that? (Similar to the 3.41 / 3.5 eboot process)

    Thanks... sorry if this is somewhere else already.

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    Apr 2005
    Yep, when they become available they are posted in our Site News (main page) and also you can check through THIS ongoing thread for EBOOT files.

    Generally speaking, unless a work-around is found (modded SFO/EBOOT/game update etc) the newer 3.6 PS3 titles won't be playable without updating your Firmware to the required version though.

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    squadx Guest
    Ok thanks for the quick response. Looks like ncaa 12 just isn't out yet for a 3.55 fix.


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