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Thread: PS3 Game Sort Order?

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    skrapps Guest

    Lightbulb PS3 Game Sort Order?

    I just bought a new slim, and I think theres something different about the way it reads the hard drive or games on it. what i mean is, in my original fat model... whenever i play a game from the hdd, and quit.. it shows that game as the top game in my games album. but now on the slim.. it doesnt do that.. they stay sorted the way you downloaded them

    for instance. i create an album called ps3 games. sort the games by album name, put them in there..

    on an original fat ps3, whichever game i used last because the folder's icon and in the folder because the game on top of the list.

    but on a slim if the last game i used, does not move to the top of the list or does not appear as the folder's icon. instead, it just keeps them in the order they are downloaded.

    so this leads me to believe something is different in the way data is moved in the slims, than the original fats?

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    kevinclough Guest

    I have the same problem

    I also just upgraded to a Slim and I have the same problem. It was much nicer the way it worked on the fat models. Have you figured out a solution to this problem?

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    Arnie Pie Guest


    To change how games are sorted, select a game icon, press the triangle button, and then select the appropriate entry under [Sort By] from the options menu.

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