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Thread: PS3 game save questions help?

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    hooky 10 Guest

    Confused PS3 game save questions help?

    right here it goes... I copied my resi 5 and 6 game saves onto usb thro saved data utility, and then done a system restore as my ps3 wasn't reading the discs. after restore I then copied the saves back to the ps3 and re-installed the games but it wont let me use the game saves.

    aaarrgh!! is there a way of getting my system to allow me to use them? please any help would be very, very welcome. and also i've never been on psn so am not registered on it. TYA

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    rdurbin Guest
    did you make the profile name the same? by profile i mean the offline name not the psn one. I know some games will not read save data that were created from a different user name (profile)

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    Azrial Guest
    If your on Rebug CFW, it allows you to use saves from any profile, as it removes the profile link, if your on OFW, then you have to make sure your PS3 profile is exactly the same as it was before.

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    Liongooder Guest
    Yep there is a way, as long as you're on CFW (any CFW) assuming you have Mlutiman,plus your savegames on usb

    1- Enter multiman & go to MMOS (file manager)
    2- go to dev_HDD0/home/0000000x(your user profile)/savedata
    3- look for your RE 5-6 IDs(if you don't have them create new savedata for both of them)
    4- now when you enter the game id folder you'll find a bunch of files over there. copy your old files to this folder except PARAM.SFO,remember everything except PARAM.SFO alright. now when play the game you'll find your old save game,remember don't copy PARAM.SFO

    tested & guaranteed 100%. i hope this helps.

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    hooky 10 Guest
    thank you all for taking the time to try and help me, got no multiman or cfw just plain superslim and laptop. is there a way of downloading either cfw or multiman and if so what do I do then? sorry to be a pain. feel like changing my username to "MR UGG THE CAVEMAN"!

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    The latest multiMAN is here:

    As for Custom Firmware you may want to check out the following:

    Rebug CFW:
    Rogero CFW:

    However, on a Super Slim you would need to wait to JailBreak it first in order to use CFW, see here:

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