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Thread: PS3 Game Save help?

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    sparker781 Guest

    PS3 Game Save help?

    Hey all,

    I am trying to FTP into my PS3 and backup a game save for Batman Arkham Origins. I know the save is located in dev_hdd0/home/ and then from there supposed to be a series of numbers representing my user id or something. well long story short while ftp'd into my ps3 when i try and access the home folder i get met with: "Failed to retrieve directory listing"

    Any Help is appreciated. I am currently using Filezilla with Black FTP on my ps3


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    misiozol Guest
    Use multiman select+start and you have file manager just copy/paste to root of your pendrive

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    Liongooder Guest
    Multiman 4.50.2 supports FTP with with Filezilla client there is no need to use Black FTP.

    also when you copy the both the PARAM.PFD & SPBATMAN to BLUS31147-SAVE0 & start the game you'll get savedata is corrupt.

    don't worry about it,what you need to do after that is to copy your PARAM.SFO from BLUS31147SHARED to BLUS31147-SAVE0
    start the game again & everything will be fine, it'll save normally like before.

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