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Thread: PS3 Game Problems help?

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    Brian10122 Guest

    PS3 Game Problems help?

    Games that are listed on the compatibility list as working completely fine stick on the loading screen for me.

    Games I know do this:

    Sonic Unleashed

    On Sonic Unleashed, the game won't get past the loading screen (which happens as soon as you start it up) with the original sonic running sprite/spin dash sprite - I've waited 15 minutes, and the game just sits there.

    On Bayonetta, the logos and everything go by fine, but once it gets to the loading screen before the main menu it just sits.

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    marc2590 Guest
    Try to provide more information when asking a question.

    What manager are you using?
    What payload are you using to jailbreak?
    Internal or External hard drive?

    this will help us answer you quicker and more accurately

    If you had played these games before you must delete game data before backing them up.

    Bayonetta reportedly locks up on chapter 4

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    Brian10122 Guest
    Gaia Manager 1.03.1
    Hermes + Waninkoko + Math
    External 2TB Verbatim

    Also yeah I guess I'll delete Unleashed game data, but I'm pretty sure I've never played Bayonetta before. Also the rip I downloaded had a bunch of positive feedback saying it doesn't lock up on chapter 4.

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