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Thread: PS3 game not loading?

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    mediodude Guest

    PS3 game not loading?

    Hello, i jailbreaked my ps3 with the TI 84+. My ps3 is running 3.41 and i installed open manager or something sorry i forgot the name. I try to launch Fifa 11 from my Fat32 extern hdd but its not working because when i open open manager 1.13 i can see Fifa 11 but when i click X (launch) than he go back to the start menu (XMB or something right) but he dont load.

    also there is a map something like app_home/ps3_game but if i click on it i got some weird error please help me! what is wrong with my ps3? how can i fix it?

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    Riffles21 Guest
    Try to copy the game to your internal hdd and load it from there. You can do that by pressing the circle button while you are in the Open Manager.

    Some games only work on the internal drive, i don't know if Fifa 11 is one of them, just try.

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    foebar Guest
    What is the error you get?

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    mediodude Guest
    THE error from app_home/ps3_game? I dont got an error when i launch a game he just dont do anything he is just going back to the start menu. But THE error when i click on app_home/ps3_game is something like this: there was an error when it starts (80028f14) something like that im from the netherlands so i can translate it really good

    sorry that i forgot to say that i already tried to back up the game to the internal hdd but i got the same error than

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    foebar Guest
    You only have this error with FIFA right? Else you could have a possible compatibility issue with your jailbraik and backup manager.
    What versions are you using?

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    mikerock98 Guest
    FIFA 2011 works perfectly fine using psgroove 1.1 and running off the external, with BM and all versions of OBM - With a disc in the drive.

    Sounds like you are trying to boot without a disc in the drive which i don't know if that will work or not.

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    lilniggra2 Guest


    Your blu-ray disc drive might have gotten disconnected inside your ps3, therefore the laser in the blu-ray has no power source and cannot verify the disc.

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    kamenrider Guest
    i think you 1st need to tell us if this is the only game that isn't working or not.

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    mediodude Guest
    I will try to download another game because this is THE only downloaded game i got. Thx for all the reactions! I will say when i got a new downloaded game.

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    hayman Guest
    fifa 2011 works fine using backup manager, the old one using my n900.

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