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    My guess is either:

    1. Your TI-84 PSGroove does not have backup capabilities
    2. Disc is not inserted

    Either way, Not enough Info.

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    I'm now downloading dead rising 2. It must work with this game right?

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    Dead Rising 2 works on external HD as it doesn't have any files over 4gig.

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    I now tried dead rising 2 from external but when i launch it its just a black screen. Really weird he also dont say Dead rising 2 but he say: BLES00948 I have a HTC G1 but i cant find a tutorial maybe i can jailbreak the ps3 with my g1? can please some one post a good tut for the g1?


    gamesniper I just downloaded the PS3JB.8xk from a tut so it must work, i guess and even when i got a CD in it its not working

    its working now i jailbreak now my ps3 with the G1 and its working really cool thanks all for the help!

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