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Thread: ps3 game music streamed like mp3 and ogg?

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    Geadon Guest

    Question ps3 game music streamed like mp3 and ogg?

    Since i know. All the ps3 games has a 50gb blu-ray disc. Then, is the music in all games now streamed like mp3 and ogg? If the music is sequenced. Why don't corrupt some audio files in the ISO file? Then play the game with the corrupted audio files, and see what happens on the real console.

    The games to test out if the music is streamed or sequenced are:

    Metal Gear Solid 4 : guns of the patriots
    Final Fantasy XIII
    Final Fantasy XIV

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    barrybarryk Guest
    what are you on about lol, sometimes it'll be played alongside a movie or rendered scene as a seperate file sometimes it'll be hardmixed to the video.

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    Geadon Guest
    I am not talking about streamed videos like avi/wmv. If the music is streamed. What will happen if i eject the blu-ray disc while ingame? Does the music hang up like CD? or is the music sequenced like ps2?

    I will be very happy if the best music on the best ps3 games uses sequenced music like midi, instead of streamed encoding audio.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    ok i still don't really get the point but you'll find the vast majority of music in games will be "streamed" from mp3 / aac / ogg like filetypes but feel free to check a backups files.

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    severusx Guest
    Yeah, I'm not sure I follow either. In game music (not cut scenes) will be streamed from the game files. As for the format, I have no idea. Browse through the backup file via FTP if you want to see.

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    ryeta Guest
    yeah it does hang up unless you have the disc backed up or saved onto the hard drive.

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    daveribz Guest
    Most of the games music/sounds are streamed. I guess alot of them use the .at3 container or probably the producer's own container with their proprietary decoding plugin. Everything will be different from game to game depending on the developpers wills.

    And for your "50gb Blu Ray disc" fact, you're wrong. Single layer BDs can hold up to 25gb of data. Double layer BDs will have a maximum capacity of 50gb. Most games don't even fill up the single layer BD.

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    Geadon Guest
    Then the music is streamed? if not streamed = Sequenced music in unknown format. Who knows what games music is streamed or sequenced?

    Just take a closer look at the Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid music.

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