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    adams328 Guest

    PS3 game loading with multiman help?

    hi, I'm new to the ps3 system i have managed to put the current multiman, and i have dl several games, now i cant get my ps3 to see them.. not sure what i'm missing seen somewhere about sw being written ?? plz help me and my son are desperate.


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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Put your games (ex. BLES#####) in a folder named "Gamez" and multiMAN should detect it, if it doesn't refresh the games list.

    Make sure the folder named "Gamez" is in the root of your External HDD.

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    adams328 Guest
    thx, do these games have to be unzipped or can they be loaded as rar files this is all new to me i have done this so many times its really confusing i did my root like ps3/update/games and with the spelling gamez help.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    The games have to be extracted in order for them to work, and the folder named "Gamez" shouldn't be in any other folder. (ex. F:\Gamez)

    So after you Extract the game it should be a folder that looks something like this: BLUS12345.

    Move this folder (the game you extracted) in the folder named Gamez which is on your external HDD. (ex. F:\Gamez\BLUS12345)

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    adams328 Guest


    the ps3 doesn't see my ext hard drive, now i'm really confused.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Is your External HDD formatted to FAT32?

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    adams328 Guest
    i'm assuming so, i have it partitioned for my wii and other half for general movies music. how can i find out? its a wd element tb if this helps

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Go to "My Computer" and highlight your External HDD, it should tell you the File system on the bottom.

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    BerserkLeon Guest
    connect it to your computer and open it in Explorer right click while in the root of the drive (X:\) and click properties
    the window should show you the storage unit type and file system... like this (attached image)

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    adams328 Guest
    its ntfs i'm emptying it now will partition and try again, thx also i tried a small file on an 8gb thumb which is fat 32 i still can't seem to get it to play multiman sees it, but i can't play i must be missing a process ??

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