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Thread: PS3 Game launching in BUM?

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    kmjansen83 Guest

    PS3 Game launching in BUM?

    Is there a way that you can launch the games in the BUM from the XBM, like if you have games you downloaded from psn with the preview icon would be cool if all the game in BUm show op in game section of XBM, or is this in the works

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    modmate Guest
    Not yet, and also not in work i guess. What about if got more then 20 games on it, that would be a mess.

    I guess just the BM could look a little nicer but thats in work for sure.

    Greets Modmate

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    aamir007 Guest
    No, not at this moment. What you are looking for is like the PSP which was enabled in CFW so you probably won't see it till we get CFW.

    With the PSP first there was the ISO Loader and the PS3 has Backup Manager so maybe in the future we may get CFW with this support, until then hold tight and use Backup Manager and its not too bad pretty organised try using OpenBackup Manager that is an improvement and will be improved on quite a lot since its open source.

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