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Thread: PS3 Game Language question help?

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    luistr3x Guest

    Question PS3 Game Language question help?

    Hello, I have a very quick question about games in general, I live in South America and at the moment i am in europe for bussiness, i bought L.A. Noire from Game Spot and i didn't realize that it has a german spoken software sticker on the inside (i was in a hurry).

    My actual question is that if i am going to have trouble with the game once i get home, because of course i don't know any german at all and the game is all about the dialog, i mean, if the game does come in german, is there a way i can switch it to english?

    Thank you!

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    Darkeru Guest
    I think LA Noire German release comes with English dialogue and a variety of subtitles, including English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

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    StevenTj Guest
    There always will be an option for you to choose your language and text on first time launch any game.

    Most game that provide another language than English, is always possible to go back to english.

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