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    Ramnath2k Guest

    PS3 game installed internally, how to Backup to ext hdd?

    I have Motostorm pasaffic Rift Blue Ray DVD which is installed to internal hdd. The game has 4gb+ files how do i backup from ps3 int. hdd to my external hdd. Do we have any options to copy the game in internal ps3 hdd to ext. hdd by splitting the files by itself ?

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Yes we do - most of the Backup managers will automatically split the large files ... howerver you can't play games like that from external drive - this is purely for the backup purposes so the file could be later on copied to your PC or vice versa in case you have no option to use FTP instead.

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    plutomic Guest
    that sucks i wish there was a way to split it up, and still play the games off your external.

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