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Thread: PS3 game install info help?

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    kmjansen83 Guest

    PS3 game install info help?

    lots of games have game installs, and i wonder is there a specific folder in the game (example: BLESxxxxxx), which it completely copies to the hdd for the install and would it be possible to delete this folder in de game folder on the ps3 to safe space because it uses the same space twice for the install because it is on the gamerip and on your hdd for required install.

    Like me i have 40 gig phatty and i have to put the game on my internal hdd, so if i can safe space it would be great.

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    snoekie Guest
    No, currently you need to have both the Game Image Data and the Cached data on a hard drive. If you have only 40 GB, you can either upgrade your internal hard drive to 500GB+ for about 50 euros or buy an external hard drive.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    best bet would be to upgrade internal to 750GB 2.5 sata (as it's the largest capacity that fits physically) or start installing on external USB 2Tb largest I believe (just make sure it's formatted FAT32)

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    costocart Guest
    keep the ripped version of the game in external and use NZHawk's awesome mountpoint:

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