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    Aug 2012

    PS3 game hex editing help?

    Hello everyone,

    I have a few games that i would like to hex edit for single player use only i do not have a modded or jailbroken ps3.

    any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Elaborate it in detailed manner. I cant catch what you were exactly saying.

    But in case that you ask for a tools so you can hex edit the game. download HxD (Google it). Install it and youre done. Also if you were going to edit some of the encrypted files like edat , selfs, sdat. You need to decrypt them first. If the game is builded on some other game SDK like Criware, you might need to do a reversing their files on your own or just ask someone who can do that job for you.

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    Aug 2012
    thanks niwakun

    have hex workshop and would like to hex operation raccoon city, re5, umbrella chronicles, and darkside chronicles
    have looked on line to find some hex codes but cant find any

    question would be is there a site that has hex codes for diff games?

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    Take a look on this site:

    The guys on there are very knowlegable. Please note tho, you cannot test your hex mods without a jail broken PS3.

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