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    x0ayham0x Guest

    PS3 Game FW update question to devs help?

    Hi i was wondering if someone thought about this before but i play top spin 4 all the and never download the update that the ps3 always asks me to dl, but yesterday i did download that update n boom!!! The game needs a 3.60+ FW !!!

    My question is : can't you guys use that update to know what it does to the game's files in order to get the keys etc...

    Sent from my galaxy.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    The update is just a .pkg file which is installed on your PS3 and when you run the the game it will read the files installed by the update.
    The update doesn't do anything to the actual game files (on your CD/HDD) and you can delete the game update to make the work from the "game data utility" in the "games tab" .

    Also, next time you have a question (regarding your PS3) post it in the "PS3 Help & Support" section unless it's about CFW where you can post it here.

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    x0ayham0x Guest
    Thanks mate you seem to know everything about such things i bet that you play 3.60+ games on your 3.55 cfw

    Sent from my galaxy.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I wish I knew the slightest bit of PS3 coding. I'm just a PS3 enthusiast, I'm still waiting for a 3.56+ CFW like the rest of you guys.

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