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Thread: PS3 Game Eboot Resigning 3.55 / 4.46 help?

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    Ghenghis Guest

    Question PS3 Game Eboot Resigning 3.55 / 4.46 help?

    I have been out of the scene for a couple years now need a little info if possible or not. I have a PS3 user cheat that i'm using & need to stay on 3.55 to use it

    is it possible to use a resigner with the 3.55-4.46 keys & resign every game eboot to 3.55 even the newest games? using rebug 3.55 firmware so I can use game genie still? or will I have to swap HDD & CFW Firmwares after a game reaches 4.41? as I see many game releases that are 4.41 & not 3.55 anymore.

    is there a working Spoofer for 3.55 to 4.46 or would I have to have 1 Hdd= 3.55 & another hdd= 4.41/4.46 then just reflash cfw when needed & replace hdd?

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    windrider42 Guest
    If your staying on 3.55, then you will just have to download individual cheats for each newer game.

    There is no PS3 User Cheat for 4.xx CFW at this time, but only individual pkg files.

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    Ghenghis Guest
    windrider42: I meant patching each game eboot to run on 3.55 - new & old games, not per say the cheat but that did answer another question I had

    I have tried a few eboot resigners but seems some have save issues or dont work after resigning the eboot for 3.55 if it was say a 4.41 or higher game.

    I need a resigner that can resign new games & old games, I have CFW 4.xx+ F.A.R. Script v0.5b & PS3 TrueAncestor v1.5-1.81 & PS3 4.46 EBOOT.BIN Resigner v0.2 - this one would be nice if it had had option for 3.55 as I would like the option.

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