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    MrNightmare Guest
    Are you sure it's LZXD. I'll look into it if it is..

  2. #12
    barrybarryk Guest
    Not 100% but they're very similar, both are in that documentation anyway. one thing i'm certain of though its not an amiga lzx file.

    though if you have managed to extract one of the arc archives from the game, up it along with the extracted files and i'll have a closer look.

  3. #13
    MrNightmare Guest
    I've just realised I've mixed up the Xbox version with PS3 files. Anyway, PS3 version using Zlib! Can easily be extracted

    How can I extract the Xbox version too? XMEMCOMPRESS doesn't work either. Any suggestions?

    Xmem can extract the uncompressed data but everything else is scrambled 0-3KB files which isn't right.

  4. #14
    barrybarryk Guest
    they're probably lzxd files then but I don't know of a utility that'll extract them properly, best bet is to just study that documentation and look for the differences between the lzx ones and the lzxd's. kind of explains the microsoft archive format though lol.

  5. #15
    MrNightmare Guest
    It looks asif capcom are using a modified version of the XMEM compress. >_<

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