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Thread: PS3 game backups to another BD-R help?

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    mpit52 Guest

    PS3 game backups to another BD-R help?

    1) I searched the forums and came to the conclusion that it is currently not possible to backup PS3 games to another BD-R and play them without anykind modification. If this is incorrect, can someoen please point me in the right direction, forum, thread. I'm only posting this in case something came came up as the threads I was reading were a few months old.

    2) If I modify/hack/install custom firmware on my PS3, Can I still run normal System updates or would that break the modifications? I'm asking this because most games have updates every few weeks that you need to run in order to play.

    Thanks for the info in advance.

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    Tek9 Guest
    to answer number 1 you are correct you can't back them up to BD-R, and to answer question 2 if you modify your ps3 and install cfw and run the system update you will not be able to do anything or downgrade to the cfw ever again until somebody figures out how to get past the 3.60 barrier.

    For now we are all stuck on either 3.41 or 3.55 cfw but if you can i would suggest for you to buy a 2nd ps3 for online gaming and modify your old ps3 for your backups. Hope this helps

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    mpit52 Guest
    Yes it does, but I wish I new about this earlier... I just sold my original PS3 because the BR drive went and got a new one. I was to lazy to take it apart and swap out the drive for $50 so i got some cash for it. maybe I can find one that runs online without the BR Drive in it.. I'm surprised that no one figured out how to "backup" these games to BD-R yet. Anyway Thanks for the info.

    Found this on a different site. Glad I did some research before trying things out lol:
    Anybody who puts a ps3 game on a torrent site is playing a really dirty trick on you. You can be sued, but if you're determined to download one, you'll find after you finally get all 20gb or more of the game downloaded at 10 kilobytes/second, which will take about a day or two, you will still need a blu-ray burner to create disc; finding a blu-ray with enough space is difficult and expensive; and when you finally burn it to a blu-ray, and put it in your ps3, the best that will happen is the ps3 will deem it a BD-R containing "unsupported data."

    The worst that will happen is the firmware update may have code that will scan a BD-R for copies of games and instantly ban your ps3 from PSN for life. There is no way to escape a PSN ban because your ps3 has unique hardware signatures, MAC address among other things that only Sony knows about.You'd have to download an older firmware, reinstall it and then never log into PSN again.

    There is no way to play copied games in ps3, especially not disc games, and no iso loaders either. If anyone does one of those things, it would be like the dude in 1984 painting "I hate Big Brother" on a big sign and hanging it in front of his 2-way telescreen. Sony runs your ps3. They are Big Brother. You may own the ps3, but they still own the operating system. You agreed that your right to use the firmware includes not using mods or hacks, when you hit x on the "yes" option after downloading it. You also agreed that Sony can ban your ps3 for a EULA beef.

    I bet somebody does have ps3 games up on torrents just to be a jerk, cause they think it's funny to waste people's time.

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