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Thread: PS3 FW Update Question help?

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    v1p Guest

    PS3 FW Update Question help?

    Hello, i have a question about putting a FW4.23 DEMO to a OFW 4.25... its not JB, i just bought a demo model.. Is it possible to update it.. i try the OFW and it say data corrupt..

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    You need the unlock combination ! to convert it to retail than you can update.

    Pls read this

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    v1p Guest
    OK so it doesnt matter whether its a jailbreak or not.. this will work?.. i was look at this post i got push back cuz it says JAILBREAK..

    BTW I do have a JB ps3... already but what i need it to unlock this other ps3 which hasn't been jail broken.. made there is a file transfer method. just FYI.. so i'm open to any possibilities except install a progskeet cuz its a nand chip.. ty soo much for replying

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    If you don't want need a JB you also can just the unlock code and you will have a "normal" CEX PS3

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    v1p Guest
    That is fine.. i do realize that but it doesn't go "normal" ... where you CAN'T go into the store nor update games.. that's not normal..until there is an update that it FULLY unlocks it... and i use the same file i use to update my other ps3 and it says data corrupt.

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    niwakun Guest
    unfortunately, only 3.55 firmware console can convert to CEX. There are various way to do it.

    - Install a modified firmware using a MFW program that had patches for SEX-CEX convertion.
    - Change the Target ID using the C2D Tool.

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    v1p Guest
    I used a Reverter 4.25 and its back... this is awesome.. niwakun , that method would work as well just CHRIS1987spa made an awesome reverter that actually isn't fake like the rest of youtube patches and such... ty ppl for takin your take and trying to solve this issue.. THIS PROBLEM IS FIXED.

    This method works on my fat CHECHA01 model, herd it its for all, that is if you don't care at this point and want a fully functional non jail break ps3 that is.. All you have do is download a reverter 4.25. I repeat this will only take you to OFW 4.25.. Its not a Jailbreak file. This just puts it to OFW 4.25..


    I take no credit for this and i'm assuming you know how to put your ps3 in recovery mode

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