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Thread: PS3 full bricked help?

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    704s7 Guest

    PS3 full bricked help?


    This is my problem.. i have a ps3 60gb full bricked (cause waninkoko v1) and i want to revive it. i saw a guide in this forum and i have some question about:

    1. i have not a dumped NAND can i pick my corrupted NAND and use it ?
    2. can i use a infectus modchip V2 ?
    3. this metod if well done can surely revive my ps3 ?

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    psychops3 Guest
    well, i never installed a cfw but i think this will work you need a NAND (which is the PUP file of the firmware) then go to this page download the original NAND like 3.55 or 3.41 whatever you jailbroke then go to service mode (if available) or follow the instructions on the screen (if available) or use the lv2diag.self way then re-jailbreak.

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    lusifer32 Guest

    bricked ?

    i that same as error 8002F225 cause i can't get any firmware installed anymore while trying to brick the sucker.

    Edit: nevermind, sorry..

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    Godzpupil Guest

    Re: Full Bricked....

    What happens when you turn your PS3 on, do you get a display etc... can you get into safe mode?

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    704s7 Guest
    no i can't get in safe.. is like a very expensive paperweight.

    when i tap on the power button it firs became green then yellow than green and than flash red and on the screen nothing.

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    anulu82 Guest
    same here. my friend changed the NAND's from a working PS3 motherboard, but after that still YLOD, no safe mode, no nothing

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    704s7 Guest
    did you know if your friend fixed the CORE OS bug ?

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    anulu82 Guest
    we just changed it, didn't made any software change on it

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    704s7 Guest
    i know that the error is in the CORE OS and you have just to change the bugged code with a new one and flash it after this you can enter in factory and upgrade.

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