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    AhmadkaX2 Guest

    Exclamation PS3 FTP transfers not working correctly help?

    Hi all .. Well up till about last week, I was able to succesfully transfer stuff to my PS3 using blackb0x FTP Server 1.1 on the PS3, and FileZilla on my PC.. No errors, all transfers were successful.. But now since last week, I've been having this strange problem that some transfers go through immediately, while other transfers in the queue remain almost indefinitely in the queue, and then they go into the 'failed transfers' bin.. that is, they don't transfer.

    Also, its almost always the same set of files that don't transfer .. sometimes if I manually go and try to do a transfer that 'failed' before, it goes through.. Sometimes a file in the middle of a transfer, suddenly stops being transferred and goes into the 'failed transfers' queue.

    Anyways, anybody know what may be causing this ? I may have changed some settings around on my PC ethernet card recently.. Any FTP related settings I may be overlooking ?.. I tried changing the cable, but this didn't help.

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    hmm, i guess the first thing i would check is the free space you have left on your ps3 hdd.

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    Natepig Guest
    There are known compatabilty issues with blackbox and filezilla with some payloads. You should give flashfxp a try.

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