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    PS3 ftp speed issue help?

    I have my pc connected to the internet via wireless adpater. I then connect the ps3 and pc together with an ethernet cable. I am using blackbox 1.2 and winscp and my file transfers will not go above 500kb/s it will take me forever to transfer games. Can anyone help me get the speed I should be getting?

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    These ARE the speeds you should be getting.

    The 20 Mb/s are of those people who have their PCs connected to their PS3 via Ethernet cable

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    open network connections... then plug in ps3 via ethernet cable... and you will see a new device pop up now find your internet connection and highlight both ps3+your network connection and right click and choose bridge connection... turn ps3+pc+router+modem off reboot.

    then go to ps3 and goto network settings on ps3 and choose test network if all is well you should beable to go online with ps3... if so... use gaia manager you should see your ps3 ip address then open filezilla put in your ip address and port 21 and hit connect... if all well you should see your ps3 dir...then transfer games etc at full speed i get around 20mbs with this way... hope this helps

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    Save yourself a TON of time and just transfer using an external storage device like a USB HD. I know that it is a little more work than using the network adapter, but you can transfer an entire 25 GB game in about 30 mins. To me that is worth the hassle of having to connect it to the PS3.

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    sometimes your computer won't update your settings, make sure when you use your ethernet that you disable your wireless adapter on your pc as you may still be transfering through that if your using a router...

    i'm not sure as i dont do it but if your going straight from pc to ps3 you need to use a crossover cable...

    also ethernet cables can become worn out and the connections bad if they've been pulled out roughly rather then having the tab pushed to release it, if you can, check the plugs and make sure none of the wires have been pulled loose.

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