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    PS3 FTP server wired connection?

    Ok, i don't have a wireless router so the only option i have is to do the FTP wired, but my problem is my router only has one ethernet slot, so its either connected to the PS3 or my laptop, not both at the same time, so how do i do the ftp server transfer??

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    You most likely have a modem, and not a router. You'll need to get a router in order to connect to your PS3 by FTP.

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    wouldn't a direct cable to your ps3 from youre pc work? manual IP setting and it should work imo

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    You can set up both PS3 and PC with manual IPs and connect directly cable from PS3 to PC. Although it should use Crossed over network cable it could work with straight cable as well depending on network port on your PC.

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    ok i'd like to do that, can you tell me how? i just tried following a previous tutorial with no luck, i entered the same info on my ps3 and on my laptop, then connected both sides of my ethernet cable to the devices with no avail, what am i doing wrong?

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    Your PC must support gigabit ethernet to do this without a router/crossover cable. You'll be able to set up your IP in Windows through network settings in control panel and then adapter settings (if you're on Windows 7). Then adjust properties in the TCP/IP v4 and give your PC an IP of something like, Subnet as and default gateway as something like

    On the PS3 side, you'll need to do manual network setup and give your PS3 the same IP you put as your gateway on your PC (in this case, it'd be, same subnet address as PC and set it's gateway to match your PC's IP (in this case, it'd be Essentially, this will create a mini network between the two devices. Just keep in mind to put your PC/PS3 IP settings back the way they were when you're finished or neither of them will be able to get online.

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    you are a genius!!! i was looking for your perfect answer all day, thank you!

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