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Thread: PS3 FTP Program with normal patch cable

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    biohazard55 Guest

    PS3 FTP Program with normal patch cable

    Hi there,

    please help me.

    I want to connect my ps3 directly with my pc, all i have is an normal patch cable, please let me know how i can connect this, so it works with PS3 FTP Programm. I dont own an crossover cable right now, but i read thats is totally possible with an patch cable.

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    tifached Guest
    your computer needs to have the ip add.
    your ps3 needs to have ip add.

    now there are other adds you can use but since youre no network expert just go with this here.

    after that fire up your ps3, fire up the ftp server, connect from your pc (using saay filezila ftp client) and start transfering.. if you have a newer lan card you can transfer arround 20MB/s depending on how fast your ps3 & pc HDD are.

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